Services-Food Safety Management System Support


Food Safety Management System Implementation
 To ensure successful functioning of the chosen FSMS, various requirements must be met.  
Assistance can be given with the following:
  • Planning & achievement monitoring - through assessments, time lines and reports at predetermined intervals submitted to management
  • Gap analysis - determining weaknesses in the system and identifying areas that need improvement.  Reports generated assist with the planning process 
  • PRP (Pre-Requisite Programmes) implementation - guidance to develop suitable schedules and select service providers
  • Documentation creation & control - checklists which are practical and fulfils the purpose of being verifiable records, without being time wasters. Procedures custom written to reflect what is happening on the production floor
  • HACCP studies - assistance with identifying potential hazards, appropriate testing regimes and related corrective actions

The food safety system remains the property of and is unique to, the specific company.  The support needed for management to successfully implement the system is provided.  

The above list of services provided, are supplied as examples of what assistance is available.  Your exact requirements can be discussed in more detail during an introductory meeting.  
Food Safety System Maintenance
Once a food safety system is in place, maintenance and continual improvement of the system is required.
Some of the services offered are:
  • Internal audits - ensuring that regular internal audits are conducted and reports identifying the shortcomings of the system are generated so that corrections can be made
  • Supplier audits - conducting audits of suppliers, ensuring that the appropriate food safety and quality standards are adhered to
  • Report preparation & analysis - preparation of appropriate summaries of the food safety system for management and review meetings, at intervals determined by the company
  • Traceability exercises - ensuring that the food safety system is running effectively from supplier through to consumer with appropriate evidence

Many of these responsibilities are time consuming but are vital for the successful functioning of the FSMS.
        Staff Training

Training customised to the
customer's requirements.

Effective staff training is essential for the implementation of any Food Safety
or Health & Safety system.  General hygiene requirements are standard 
throughout the food industry, and are
necessary for any food 
production facility.   Training can be
customised to include
requirements of specific production environments and staff functions.  

Training material is provided, with 
practical training given where possible.

After training is conducted the 
effectiveness of the training is
evaluated through written and practical examinations.  
Where staff members are identified
as not yet competent, the appropriate additional training can be

As a food safety consultant our mandate is to help you implement and manage your food safety system